Organisation Assessment

The model I use is an effective tool to help you record data about how your organization performs today. It enables viewing the organization as a whole entity, rather than just a collection of pieces. It illustrates the interdependent relationship between key organizational elements and also the cause-effect chains that impact on results. It assists in identifying key leverage points – those few elements which could affect a positive shift in the organization's total performance.

What exactly can you expect from a full organization assessment exercise?

No nonsense approach – no fancy or expensive terminology – but common sense and real actions

  1. We start with the current situation: understanding what exactly is expected from us. What do our clients, suppliers, customers, shareholders and employees expect? How does this compare to the current results? Is it in line with what’s expected, or not? What is working, what is not?
  2. Next we spend time understanding the culture in your company. What is driving your employees? How do they behave? How are their behaviours influencing the current results? Why do we have those results (good or bad).
  3. We then link those behaviours to the organization systems – typically each organization is using it’s own system to organize its structure, people related matters, decision making, processes, reward, and information
  4. And finally we look at the current strategy – what is it, is it clear, is it true, does it require revision, does it meet up to the expectations of the clients, suppliers, shareholders and employees?

Spending sufficient time on this full diagnosis, allows the leader to get an objective and realistic view on what is really happening today in the organization, and where the pain points are. Understanding those, and where they come from (identifying the root cause) allows the leader to then make the appropriate changes.

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